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Work With Us!

Amplified Estates is a premier real estate solution company. Whether you are a first-time Homebuyer,  a Home Owner, Contractor, Investor, Lender, or Real Estate Agent, we have opportunities for you, and we would love to work with you! Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals!

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Q: What is the procedure for working with contractors?


Complete the contractor PDF below and email it to


Contractor Application.pdf


You will be contacted by our team.


Using the Itemized bid PDF below you bid on the property based off our detailed Scope of Work


Itemization Bid Quote.pdf


When approved, you start work. We love paying for completed work!

Q: What is the referral bonus?

A: If you don’t own a property that you are looking to sell but refer us to someone that may be willing to sell, you could be eligible to receive a referral bonus of up to $1000 provided upon a successfully closed deal transaction. Please note that this bonus is not available to contractors, agents, or individuals whose name appears on the mortgage/ deed of the home that’s identified in the transaction.

Q: Am I under any obligation to sell my home to Amplified Estates if I fill out a form?

A: No, not at all! We will simply review the information, make you an offer, and you choose to accept or reject it.

Q: As an Agent, is it worth my time to work with an investor?

A: You have the opportunity to become what we call a "triple agent.” When working with Amplified Estates, you can act as the buyer's agent, the listing agent, and the referral agent. In other words, you may be able to earn triple commission on a single deal. Secondly, we will actively send you leads on listings and give you the right to generate more leads by marketing our homes once the renovations are complete. We can and will also send buyers to you.

Q: How does the process work to sell my property?

A: Once you have completed the Property Information Form found below, one of our real estate solutions specialists will contact you within  24 hours. In some situations, we will need to gather additional information. We will research your property and schedule a time to view your property in person. Once all information has been gathered we will discuss all the details with you and potentially make an in-person offer. In some cases, we may be able to have just a phone conversation which may then lead to a contingent offer.


Property Information.pdf

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